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This is the largest library of unique wireless reports including reviews, how-to's and useful cellular data. You have access to hundreds of pages spread over a dozen web sites each dedicated to a different aspect of wireless and cellular services, operated by Mountain  

The Premier Site for Cellular Network Ratings and Reviews. We keep tabs on every cellular network in the US, especially the smaller, local carriers, and how well they stack up against each other.  Also, we track those wireless carriers that may have changed their name or gave up the business.

Cellular Coverage and Comparison Maps.  We specialize in comparing each carrier's coverage to another, and revealing the underlying spectrum assignments.  Check out our side-by-side interactive coverage finders as well as specialty maps showing 3G, 4G, 5G, and Prepaid coverage and coverage in areas such as in our largest national parks.
Wireless Inside Information and Voice Mail Access Numbers.  Taking a peek behind The Back Door gives you inside information on wireless, some of which the carriers don't want you to know.   Get Free Voice Mail numbers, and how-to's like how to dump your current wireless carrier and still use their network...for less.  Find which numbers are assigned to which carrier, how to get a discount through your employer, how to send a Text through Email and even how to get FREE wireless!
Wireless Roaming Codes: SID (System ID), MNC (Mobile Network Code), PRL (Preferred Roaming List). Decoding the data hidden inside your wireless device and how to track down which network your phone uses for roaming.

Your guide for using wireless outside the US.  Find out if your current phone works in foreign countries, and if not, how to get one that does. A "must" for travelers: before you leave the US, check our list of wireless essentials to make your overseas cellular usage the easiest part of your trip.  You can even Talk, Text and use Data for FREE.  This is a new and expanded site created from the experiences of Roaming Zone users.
Using Wireless in Mexico, Does Your Phone Work There?  Get a report on Mexican wireless carriers and how you can talk the talk, or down the download, at a reasonable cost.  Find out if your current phone works in Mexico, and if not, how to make it work, or how to get one that does. Before you travel south of the border, check our list of wireless calling procedures and essentials to make your Mexico cellular usage the easiest part of your trip.
Find Your Best Prepaid Wireless Service: Reviews, Ratings and Essentials.  Prepaid Reviews are separated into Prepaid from the major carriers and Prepaid from "Alternative" carriers.  You can choose your network, then choose a carrier that uses that the lowest price.  Even FREE!  We rate the Prepaids and explain the differences among them.
Get Prepaid Wireless Refills for all the top Prepaids at discounts not available from the carriers themselves, and in a greater variety of amounts! Save up to 10%...or more. Top up directly to your phone, refill with a PIN, or get by email.  Don't forget to sign up for our Free expiration reminders.
Alternative Wireless Networks
These are separate cellular companies that use the same wireless networks as the major carriers, also known as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), wholesale carriers, or cellular "re-sellers". You get your phone, plan and customer service from these companies instead of the underlying carrier. You can access the same network but at substantial savings or with less demanding plans.
A Step-by-Step Guide and Links to Locating Cellular Sites.  The wireless carriers do not want to make locating cell sites easy.  We give you the tools to narrow down the location of individual cell sites.  You can determine which carrier uses the cell site nearest your home or why your favorite carrier has such a lousy signal where you live or work.
Cut the Cord and Get Better Phone Service and More Features at a Better Price.  Use your old home phones, corded or cordless, and get all your favorite phone features, including FREE long distance, for half of what you're paying the phone company.  You can also access the Internet wirelessly at home or on vacation.
Cellular Phones and SIM's Below Retail.  The Moose grazes around to find the best wireless deals, usually at prices below the carriers themselves.  If if you follow the "Moose Drops" you know you're getting the best price on wireless, including for Prepaid.
Our Discussion Page for News, Rumors and Arguments about Wireless.  It's where we keep track of all the wireless providers, their latest changes and verify their outrageous claims.  We have updates on wireless companies that either take over another carrier, or give up their cellular service altogether.
Making Wireless Calls in Cuba.  Cuba has a fairly extensive wireless network and you can check if your US wireless phone will work there.  Also, information about broadband availability, Wi-Fi and what to do if your phone won't work there.
Your computer no longer needs to be kept hostage by the local phone or cable company.  Now your computer can access the Internet without wires, with or without a contract, and without high prices! Includes Wi-Fi for the whole house.
Wireless Phones, Services and Cost-Saving Strategies for Mature Talkers.  This isn't a site about wimpy phones for shaky hands, it's made for mature wireless users who want to save money or find a wireless device that's more helpful than a plain cell phone.  Yes, you can get help if you've fallen and can't get up, but with devices from Cellular Seniors you can get help anywhere, not just at home!


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